• The Case for Transformation: What insights professionals think about disruption and transformation and why business transformation requires deliberate planning and a strong commitment to implementation
  • Profiles of Transformation: Conversations with CEOs of 11 market research companies who share their own unique journeys of and approaches to transformation. Based on some common threads that emerged, we also provide ten themes for transformational success
  • Embarking on Your Transformational Journey: Introducing the basics of the Transformation IQ model and guiding you through beginning your journey of transformation.

The Author

Jeff Resnick is the founder of Stakeholder Advisory Services. He is a thought leader, trusted advisor to clients, business strategist and mentor. He serves his clients within the areas of reputational risk assessment, key account management and issues relating to business transformation and growth. He served as President of Opinion Research Corporation’s US Group where, in addition to his responsibilities for managing top and bottom line growth, he initiated and led the CNN | ORC International Poll, recognized as one of the premier polls of American public opinion. He is passionate about the requirement to transform the market research industry and is the author of the Transform blog carried on the GreenBook Blog as well as CASRO’s CXO blog. Jeff had the honor of serving as Board Chair for CASRO in 2012.





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Stakeholder Advisory Services was founded in 2014 and provides a range of consulting services in reputation assessment, key customer relationship management, development of customer advisory boards and business transformation for the market research industry. Additionally, Stakeholder Advisory Services partners with clients within Healthcare and allied fields to incorporate insights of key stakeholders within two critical areas for business success – ensuring alignment of the organization’s strategy and services with market needs and the management of reputational risk. To learn more, visit stakeholderadvisory.com.